BKT: Bacon, Kale and Tomato

An alternative to a BLT sandwich with marinated tempeh to replace the bacon and kale instead of iceburg lettuce.

Check out how I made tempeh taste like bacon!

Bulgogi Tacos

I love Korean food - especially Bulgogi!
In this recipe I make a healthier alternative to bulgogi by replacing the sugar with a grated apple. Enjoy!

Oyster Mushrooms in Dynamite Sauce

Mushrooms are highly under utilized in my opinion so here is a quick and easy Oyster Mushroom Recipe that takes less than 30min for prep and cook.

White Bean and Cilantro Lime Soup

This versatile dish can be served 3 ways: hot, cold and reduced broth to make it into a dip. Oh yeah, you can also make it vegan by using vegetable broth.

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